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HOD (Vector Biology & Control)
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Dr. D. S. Dinesh
A view of Vactor Biology Lab.
Division of Vector Biology & Control (VB&C) is mainly concerned with the study on Kala-azar Vector Phlebotomus argentipes (sand fly), its vectorial capacity, control through Insecticidal residual Spray (IRS), Molecular basis of Insecticidal Resistance, Blood Source Identification etc. The new technological tools like Remote sensing & GIS is being applied in epidemiological mapping for prediction and understanding the transmission dynamics in the endemic and non-endemic region of Bihar as well as India.
The Scientific Team
Dr. Diwaker Singh Dinesh
Ph. D. (Ento.) Scientist E
Dr. Shreekant Kesari
Ph. D. (Ento.) Scientist E
Dr. V.P.Singh Ph. D. Sr. Technical Officer
  The Ph.D. Students:
Mr. Rakesh Mandal
M.Sc. (Remote Sensing & GIS)
Senior Research Fellow & Ph.D. Scholar (C.U)
Miss Aarti Rama 
M.Sc. (Zoology)
Senior Research Fellow & Ph.D. Scholar (C.U)
Mr. Faizan Hasan
M.Sc. (Applied Microbiology)
Senior Research Fellow & Ph.D. Scholar (C.U)
Miss Kumari Seema M.Sc. (Biotechnology) Research Assistant & Ph.D. Scholar (C.U)
Existing infrastructure: 
1. GIS software & field instruments
2. RS image analysis software
3. PCR
5. ELISA reader
6. BOD incubator
7. Inverted Microscope
8. Insect Disection Microscope
9. -20 Deep freeze
10. Vertical Gel electrophoresis
11. horizontal Electrophoresis
12. Laminar Hood
13. Rotatory Vacuum evaporator 14. Soxhalator 15.Microcentrifuge
Current Research Interests:
• Rs & GIS based environmental data analysis, DDMS and implementation of control strategies.
• Molecular studies on Insecticidal resistance.
• To discover new plant based Insecticides.
• Transmissions dynamics.
• Vector control strategies through Environmental Management.
• Xenodignosis.
Major Achievements:
• Development of sandfly colony at laboratory condition: rearing and development of adult P. argentipes.
• Development of Toolkit in collaboration with WHO for the M&E of IRS.
• Development of Rs&GIS based software collaborated with RRSC-E (NRSC/ISRO), Kolkata.
• Development of GIS based DDMS collaborated with LSTM, Liverpool.
• Development of IQK test collaborated with LSTM, Liverpool.
• Identification of multi-centric vector control strategies and their efficacy in the field.
• GIS based planning and supervision of IRS in the endemic region of Bihar.
• Techno-ecological method for Vector Control.
• GST involvement in DDT resistance.
• New Plant based Insecticide.
• Colony of DDT resistant strain of P. argentipes.
• DOT Blot ELISA for Blood meal identification in vector.

Ongoing Studies:
  1. Application of remote sensing in identifying and mapping sandfly distribution in endemic and non-endemic Kala-azar foci in Bihar. (An ICMR task force project in collaboration with RRSSC (ISRO), Kharagpur.
  2. Cost-effective Integrated Vector Management as a Contribution to the Visceral Leishmaniasis Elimination Initiative on the Indian Sub-Continent: a Multi-centre Study (WHO Phase V).
  3. Longitudinal studies on sand fly in the three endemic states of Kala-azar of India(World bank supported project).
  4. Study on proteins from DDT resistant Phlebotomus argentipes from Bihar, India
  5. Environmental Management based on bio-ecology of Phlebotomus argentipes
  6. Transmission dynamics of Kala-azar Vector.
  7. Morphological and molecular taxonomy of the Phlebotomus argentipes species complex in relation to transmission of Kala-azar in India.
  8. Evaluation of plant based, Environmental friendly new insecticides against vector.
  9. User friendliness, efficiency and spray quality of conventional stirrup pumps versus hand compression pumps for indoor residual spraying in the Visceral leishmaniasis elimination programme in India (WHO supported project).
  10. Blood meal analysis and study on behavioural changes in sand fly.
  11. Identification of sand fly in the larval stages.
  12. Detection of natural infection in sand fly by different molecular tools.
  13. BMGF project-Development of Disease Data Management System for decision making in KA 
  14. Welcome Trust-Development of Insecticide Quantification Kit and Evaluation in The field.
  15. Field trail for Integrated Vector management for VL Control.
  16. Standardization of Different type of pumps for IRS.
  17. Vector Surveillance.
  18. Monitoring of Vector resistance with different Insecticides.
  19. Assessment of Vector exposure during pre and post IRS in Bihar.
  20. Kala-azar elimination strategy in Vaishali district comprising of million population.