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To understand more about Leishmania biology, epidemiology, diagnosis, treatment and control.
To search for newer cost effective drugs against Kala-azar.
To study the host and parasite interaction responsible for disease progression, cell-cell interaction and protection against the disease by immunological, molecular biological & biochemical tools for designing vaccine.
To develop a national repository for sera and parasite and make it available to scientific community working on Leishmania.
To design and develop Leishmania vaccine
To explore vector bionomics and develop vector control strategies.
A center of excellence for research in leishmaniasis.
An opinion leader on leishmaniasis control policies
A core facility for training on leishmaniasis research and control
A nodal agency for advocacy for leishmaniasis control in India
A counseling agency for HIV in the State of Bihar

The mission of RMRIMS, Patna is to provide technical support to the policy makers and implementers to combat the kala-azar disease at the ground level through conducting high quality research on diagnosis, treatment and control as well as capacity building to the different stakeholders. Besides Kala-azar, the Institute is rolling forward to broaden its research focus on HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and other tropical diseases and come forward as a centre of excellence on the land of Bihar.   

RMRIMS is mandated by Indian Council of Medical Research to provide scientific understanding and technology needed to support the fight against leishmaniasis.
RMRIMS is committed in the Kala-azar elimination programme of Govt. of India by providing better research facilities, tools and technologies for diagnosis and improved treatment methods through various clinical trials and providing strategies for vector control and research.
RMRIMS strives for integrity, quality and relevance of its research by constantly improving its scientific activities through external peer review and extramural funding.
RMRIMS utilizes tools from clinical, biological and social sciences to understand the parasite, vector, patient and the programme associated with leishmaniasis.
RMRIMS recognizes its obligation to patients with leishmaniasis and promotes and practices the highest standard of patient care in the course of its research activities.
RMRIMS endeavors to provide excellent training programme to researchers, students in both basic and clinical sciences.