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Dr. Niyamat Ali Siddiqui   A view of Auditorium
The Scientific Team
Name Qualification Designation
Dr. N.A.Siddiqui
Scientist D
The Technical Team
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Main Activities
  • Project Designing/Protocol Writing
  • Monitoring, Management, Data capturing, Data validation & Verification
  • Statistical Analysis, Report Generation
  • Document Preparation like Annual Report, Highlights, Progress Reports etc.

Important Projects
  • Study on Epidemiology of Indian Kala-azar - a multidisciplinary approach.
  • Estimation of epidemiological parameters in epidemic and endemic area of Kala-azar in Bihar.
  • Action plan for the control of Kala-azar in Bihar.
  • Trend analysis of official data of VL in Bihar during 1977-2002.
  • A longitudinal study to estimate infection dynamics of kala-azar in an endemic area of Bihar.
  • Field trial of DAT in the diagnosis of kala-azar.
  • Trial of SAG in fresh cases of Visceral Leishmaniasis with a view to assess unresponsiveness.
  • Study on mother's perception in relation to Post Kala-azar Dermal Leishmaniasis (PKDL).
  • The cross-sectional epidemiological studies on Kala-azar around Patna City in Bihar.
  • Modeling for research and control of Visceral Leishmaniasis.
  • Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of rural population of Bihar in relation to Visceral Leishmaniasis and Filariasis.
  • Field trial of an ecological approach for the control of Phlebotomus argentipes using mud and lime plaster.
  • Randomized Clinical Trials of combination of anti-leishmanials therapy
  • Social and epidemiological aspects of Visceral Leishmaniasis in Bihar, India (site preparation for vaccine trial)- (a WHO-ICMR-BHU collaborative project).

Present Research Activities
  • Hospital Surveillance of Kala-azar
  • Phase IV clinical trial of Miltefosine (WHO/TDR/ICMR sponsored)
  • Application of remote sensing and GIS for mapping sand fly density in endemic and non-endemic foci in Bihar.(Task Force Project)
  • Disease Burden Estimation of VL (ICMR project)
  • Study of grass root level functionaries of Kala-azar in Bihar.
  • Risk factors for Indian Kala-azar in endemic areas of Bihar.
The division also looks after the activities of audio-visual section which provides facilities like photography, slide preparation, drawing, computer slides etc. to the scientists of this institute. Also, at the time of annual meetings, seminar, workshop, conference, it supports all technical infrastructures.
This section is well equipped with modern facilities and equipment like photo camera, slide-camera, photo developing, tracer, amplifier, speakers, conference system, computer, LCD etc.