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In charge (Animal House)
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Mr. Anil Kumar 
A view of Animal House

The RMRIMS Animal House is located in a separate block and is registered by “The Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments in Animals (CPCSEA)”.

The Scientific Team
Name Qualification          Designation
Mr. Anil Kumar           M.Sc(Zoology) Research Assistant
Mr. Madheshwar Prasad   I.Sc., Dip. in Sericulture Technical Assistant
Facilities & Services:

It provides animal care, breeding and experimental facilities. Proper environmental temperature is maintained in Animal-rooms through air-conditioning in hot seasons and hot-blower during the cold seasons. The species-wise standard diet is provided to the housed animals.

Animal House provides rabbit’s blood to the microbiology dept. for preparation of different biphasic culture media as and when required. The division of Vector biology & Control needs rabbits and balb/c mice for artificial blood feeding to newly laboratory emerged sandflies during the course of sandfly colony maintenance. Apart from these routine services, RMRIMS Animal house is fully capable of providing the animal subjects for experimentation by different departments like microbiology, entomology, pathology and immunology. Proper record keeping of breeding, diet etc. is maintained. This division has Incinerator facility for disposing the dead animals and waste materials along with other hazardous disposals of the Institute. Computerization of record keeping of Animal House facility is under process to facilitate the instant access of information and research purposes.

The following species are currently housed and maintained in the Animal House:
Rabbits, Balb/c mice, Hamster (Golden), & Rats.        
Institutional Animal Ethical Committee:
The Institutional Animal Ethical Committee provides the guidelines for proper management of its activities. The Committee has to meet at least once a year. The constitution of the Institutional Animal Ethical Committee is as below:
A Chairman Dr. Gopal Prasad Sinha, PMCH, Patna
B Scientist from different    Biological Discipline                             Dr.  P.K. Sinha, Dy. Director,  Cl. Med., RMRIMS
Dr. S. Bimal,S. R.O., Immunology, RMRIMS
C Biological Scientist         Dr.  Vijay Kumar,  S.R.O., VB&C, RMRIMS
D Veterinarian

Dr.  Deepak Suvarn , MVSC in Medicine,
JARO,IAH & P,BiharVeterinary College Campus, 
Patna – 800 014, Bihar.

E External Expert Mr. Rajendra Pati Tripathi, Geology Dept.,Patna University (Socially Aware Member)
F CPCSEA Nominee Mr.C.P,Chaudhary, M.Sc. (Animal Science) 
D.V.Sc. Blue Crross Chitragupta Colony,
W. No. 15 Madhubani 847211.
G Member Secretary       Mr. Anil Kumar,  R.A., Animal House, RMRIMS