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Sr. Accounts Officer
Email: kumar.udai@icmr.gov.in/
Ph.: 0612-2630095

Mr. Udai Kumar
Facilities & Services:
Finance Department is well equipped with Computer & Internet facility. Maximum work has been expedited by the person with Computer & Internet.
Account Section
Name Qualification          Designation
Mr. Udai Kumar M.Com, B. Ed Sr. Accounts Officer
Mr. Arjun Kumar B. Com Section Officer
Mr. Alok Kumar B.A. Assistant
Mr. Manish B.C.A Programmer
Cash Section
Name Qualification          Designation
Mr. Ram Babu B.A. Section Officer
Project Cell
Name Qualification          Designation
Smt. Anita Kumari B.A Section Officer
Mr. Neeraj Kumar Jha
B.A Data Entry Operator
Preparation of budget for the Institute as well as maintenance & observation of Annual Accounts.
Maintenance of all type of finance book of the Institutes.
Responsible for conducting Audit & Internal Audits
Recovery of G.P.F., G.S.L.I.S. and N.P.S. of the Staffs.
Maintanance of accounts of different projects of the Institute.
All the Cash Transaction done by cashier.
Preparation of Pay bills, medical bills, T.A. bills & other Contingent bills.
Filling of Incom Tax of Staffs as well as the related firms.
All transactions by P.F.M.S (T.S.A).
Annual A/c Prepared in Teller Gold & Tata Trust Software.