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A view of Administration Section
The Administrative Staff
Name Qualification          Designation
Shri Surendra Prasad Sharma B. A. (Hons.), LLB Section Officer
Shri Ram Dayal Singh Intermediate Assistant
Sri Manoj Kumar Intermediate Upper Division Clerk
Facilities & Services:

Establishment Section is well equipped with Computer & Internet facility. Maximum work has been expedited by the person with the Computer & Internet.

  • New appointment of Permanent Post of the Institute, conducting DPC upto Grade-‘B’ officials.

  • Maintenance of Roster Register and Incumbency Register.

  • Maintenance of Service Book, Personal File and all kind of leave  of all Groups .

  • Support to reply of RTI matter.

  • Conducting of Ph.D Exam & Screening.

  • GSLIS of all Groups.

  • Advances like Medical, Festival, HBA, GPF, TA/DA, LTC, Motor Car Advance etc.

  • Process for pension of all groups

  • Reply of Council’s letter.

  • Maintenance of G.P.F Registers and ledger Book.

  • Dispatch and Diary