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A View of Bioinformatics Lab.
Division of Biomedical Bioinformatics Centre
        The Biomedical Informatics Centre at Rejendra Memorial Research Institute of medical Sciences was established in November, 2007. Main aim of this center is to initiate research activities and provide training and support to the researchers of this institute and other regional Institutes. The center will facilitate the development of an interdisciplinary approach and bridge the gap between computational and experimental biology. The centre is currently engaged in creation of prediction algorithms for different biological problems. We also aim to understand the functional properties of different proteins.
The Scientific Team
Name Qualification          Designation
Dr. Vahab Ali M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D. Scientist E & Officer I/C BIC

The Students Team
Name Qualification          Designation
Existing infrastructure: 

Software Facilities
           GCG package (for sequence analysis)
           Discovery Studio 2.1 (for molecular modelling, simulation and dynamics)
           Discovery Studio 2.5 (For Pharmacophore Mapping)
           SPSS 16.0 (for statistical analysis)
           FLEX-X(For molecular modelling and Docking)

 Computers and server

           Hp, Hp-Compaq desktop    10
           IBM Server x3200               01
           Laser printer                      02


           PCR (ABI)
           Semi Transblot (Biorad)
           Electroporator (Labmate)
           Chem doc (Biorad)
           20⁰c  cabinet
           Verital and horizontal gel apparatus. (Biorad)
           Shaking water bath (Biorad)

Research Activities :

    The division was established with the broad objective of undertaking computational studies. The centre is currently engaged in creation of algorithms and tool for correcting sequencer generated data and to predict the function of different protein of Leishmania donovani. Another area of interest for the centre is creation and management of databases.
             The division is actively involved in Molecular modeling, Docking and the screening of various compounds against Leishmania species. IC50 and IC90 value determination and mutation analysis of the target proteins through PCR and sequencing conducted. An ICMR sponsored project on Nanotechnology based drug delivery system is also running in the Bioinformatics division. Bioinformatics center also support Virology unit which is equipped with safety cabinet and Real time RT-PCR 7500 system (ABI) for the diagnosis of HINI, Dengue and JEV. The centre also provides bioinformatics support to students through training and workshops.