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Dr. V. N.R. Das
Dr. Krishna Panday
The Scientific Team
Name Qualification          Designation
Dr. V.N.R.Das MBBS Scientist G
Dr. Krishna Pandey MD Scientist G
Dr (Major) Madhukar MBBS, D.T.C.D. Scientist B


Each and every patient, visiting the OPD, needs to be registered first at the Registration Counter.

Outdoor Patient Department (OPD)
OPD facility is available 5-day in a week i.e. Monday to Friday except the Govt. holidays. Patients are clinically examined and advised accordingly.

Indoor Patient Department (Ward)
This Institute has a 50-bedded Indoor Ward with round the clock service. The confirmed Kala-azar (VL) cases are admitted in the ward under ongoing trials, subject to fulfillment of inclusion criteria of the trial and written consent form from the patient or his/her attendant (in case of minor). Drug administration and follow up is done as per the SOP of the project protocol and all the observations are well documented.

To observe radiological changes during the treatment of VL. X-ray facility is available.

Centralized Sample Collection Centre
As per the requirement, different investigations are required to be carried out. In spite of referring the patient to different labs. All the samples are collected centrally and sent on the same day to the corresponding laboratories for respective investigations.

Integrated Counseling & Testing Centre (ICTC)
First  VCT Centre in Bihar was opened at this Institute since April 2001 under the Bihar States AIDS Control Society, Patna for HIV/AIDS counseling and testing. Later it has been renamed as ICTC, the referred or self-motivated individuals, visiting this center, are counseled by Male/ Female Counselor and testing for HIV is carried out by ELISA and Spot tests. Under the counseling, condoms are distributed freely, if needed.

ART Centre:
An ART centre was opened at this Institute since April 2010 where HIV patients are given anti retro-viral treatment along with monitoring.

Major Achievements

1.  Anti-leishmanial Clinical Drug Trials on new molecules:

  • Miltefosine (Phase III in Children & Phase IV): Published in JID (I.F- 5.895)(Phase IV) ( Miltefosine was registered with DCGI and is now included for the treatment of Kala azar in National Kala azar Elimination Programme).

  • Paromomycin (Phase III & IV): Phase III results Published in NEJM, (I.F – 50);  The Drug has been registered with DCGI and soon it will be taken up for combination therapy against VL & Phase IV module.
  • Sitamaquine (Phase IIB): A  multi-centre, open-label, randomised study to evaluate the safety, tolerability and pharmacokinetics of oral sitamaquine compared with amphotericin B in the treatment of visceral leishmaniasis … (Accepted for publication in AJTMH; I.F -2.795).
  • Combination Studies: Ambisome + Miltefosine(ICMR/WHO): The  efficacy and safety of a short course of miltefosine and liposomal amphtercin B for VL in India (Multicentre trial). Short Communication Paper in press of Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Med & Hygiene. (I.F- 2.553).
  • Phase III  Combination drug trial (DnDi sponsored):A randomized, open-label, parallel-group, non-inferiority, safety and efficacy study to evaluate different combination treatment regimens (co-administration), of:
    - AmBisome (1 dose) + Paromomycin x 10 (11 days)
    - AmBisome (1 dose) + Miltefosine (8 days)
    - Miltefosine x10 + Paromomycin x 10 (10 days) v/s Amphotericin-B (30 days) (Control Arm). The manuscript of the study published in the Lancet, 2011 (I.F- 30.8)
  • To reduce morbidity and mortality due to Kala-Azar in Vaishali District, Bihar, India(Field study) :Effectiveness and safety of Liposomal Amphotericin B for VL under Routine Program Conditions in Bihar,India ( Sponsorer: MSF) Paper published in AJTMH- I.F : 2.795)

A study to assess unresponsiveness of SAG in fresh cases of Visceral Leishmaniasis.


A pilot study to assess efficacy of SAG in the treatment of Post Kala-azar DermalLeishmaniasis (PKDL).

4. A randomized clinical trial of amphotericin B in the treatment of antimony unresponsive kala-azar Patients.


Ongoing Studies
  • Hospital Based Surveillance for Kala-azar.

  • Phase IV trial of Miltefosine in the treatment of Visceral leishmaniasis - An ICMR/WHO/TDR/Zentaris sponsored project.

    Patient recruitment, treatment and follow up is completed, analysis phase in progress.
  • Multicentre Randomized, Controlled Clinical trial to assess the safety and efficacy of injectable Paromomycin in Patients with Visceral leishmaniasis – An ICMR/WHO/TDR/OneWorld Health sponsored project.

  • Patient recruitment and treatment phase over, Follow up is in progress.